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Adrian Wong


Kaspar Hauser, Ramachandra, & Natascha the Dog Girl of Chita, 2011
Animatronics, foam, faux fur, plywood, laminate and acrylic
72 x 72 x 60 inches

From the Annals of the Harmony Jade Roast Meat Society, 2009
documentation video, 5 minutes

From the Annals of the Harmony Jade Roast Meat Society was developed as part of a larger research project (in conjunction with Word Asia Publishing House) on the first commercially produced Hong Kong Film, "Stealing a Roast Duck" (dir. Liang Shaopo). This mysterious film, produced in 1909, was screened only once in San Francisco and subsequently lost on its return to Hong Kong. No one alive has ever seen it and no additional prints are in existence. The installation draws upon a number of idiosyncratic bits of information about the filmmakers, unearthed during the research process, and their involvement in the overthrow of the Qing Regime in China.

Sang Yat Fai Lok, 2008
digital video 10 min

Sang Yat Fai Lok was recreated from newspaper archives, production stills, and family photographs of the Rediffusion (Lai Dik Foo Sing) Television Programs "Calvin's Corner," circa 1960; "Children's Corner," circa 1965; and "Happy Birthday," circa 1975. Though wildly popular and adored by generations of children in the Pearl River Delta region, there are no recordings of these programs in existence. This was the case for the majority of early broadcasts, which were filmed live and transmitted directly into homes. Based loosely on the prolific career of Hong Kong television personality, Calvin Wong Hay and his brother Eddie Wang Yee Hang, it simultaneously documents a lost era of Hong Kong's broadcast history and the artist's discovery of estranged familial ties to the region. Through probing both the idiosyncrasies of his ancestors (concubines, gambling addiction, alleged murder, pet monkeys trained to perform lewd acts) and their mysterious pasts, Sang Yat Fai Lok is a psychedelic re-imagination of a personal history long repressed.

Hak Seh Wuih Tuhng Mau Jai (Triads With Kitten), 2007
digital video (loop), 3 minutes 20 seconds

A choreographed balletic dance performed by four Hong Kong Triads (organized criminals) and a small cat.